Shopping tour with Anna Turcato to discover Venice in an unconventional way

Where did it all begin, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am from the town of Cittadella in the Padua province.
After gaining a degree in Communication I completed a Master in “Fashion Cool Hunting”. I then worked as a buyer, cool hunter and fashion coordinator for a number of big national and international names in the fashion industry in Italy.

I specialised in jewellery, personally following the fashion trend and attending all the most important fashion fairs.

For many years I have made jewellery and clothing anticipating international trends and offering my customers the most trendy fashion items, this of course without forgetting taste and style.
For the past two years I have been working as a freelance fashion consultant and personal shopper. I work a lot thanks to the online networking but I also have an office based in Venice.


How was the idea of becoming a personal shopper and a fashion consultant born?

I have always been passionate about fashion and I enjoy researching and developing, I have always wanted to pursue a career where I could manage my own business in person and in all its aspects.

The idea of switching from buying for the general public to do so for the individuals thrills me. I am passionate about offering my experience and to give my advice to individuals.   I initially worked as a personal shopper on weekends, I then completed a “Personal Shopper “course with Federmoda. For me it is extremely important to combine experience with theory and therefore I felt it was necessary for me to complete a course to consolidate my previous experience and learning.

After I completed the course I decided to launch into this adventure, I have chosen Venice as a base, heart of tourism and city of great fashion opportunities.

The most rewarding thing of this job is being able to make people looking their best and enhancing their image. My motto is “interprets fashion with your personality” and this has accompanied me and motivated from the start.



How important is researching in your work and where do you get your inspiration from?
For me researching is a fundamental part of this job, the  advice I always give to those who want to start this profession is to attend trade shows, buy magazines, always keep dated with current fashion trends and information, sometimes even small signs can tell the start of a new trend.
“Cool hunting” is a must for this job together with intuition and the ability to experiment.
I get my inspiration in different ways: walking around the city (Venice has a tourist population and it is a very cosmopolitan population very interesting to observe),  reading books and magazines, surfing the net, and always on the go!


Is there a product that you prefer? In your opinion, what is the value of Made in Italy?

I have a soft spot for accessories, with an accessory you can change a look, you can experiment new looks and at the same time it is something that you can remove if you want. The accessory allows you to dare and to communicate.
The made in Italy is of immense value, fashion is a system including economic and, in my opinion, cultivating our uniqueness is a good way to save the economy its crisis.
But we must return to the discovery of this uniqueness, learn to explain the added value of quality, creativity and innovation.
Venice is a good example of what I am saying, a city where shops coexist “in series” with Chinese goods and craft shops of the highest level to find unique pieces, handmade and tailored. We must work hard to rediscover our heritage.
For example the glass beads typical of the Venetian tradition in which the craftsmanship sees its highest level.
Good thing is to give attention to those who passionately pursues the cause, “blowing”, designs and creates jewellery with original pearls.

For this reason, in my shopping tour I show an alternative Venice, giving space to shops away from the usual tourist circuits where you can buy unique, vintage and tailored made items (clothing, shoes, and jewellery). 


What do you think of Treviso?

Treviso is a beautiful city, to explore with interesting shops and new openings that impressed me, I think  HIGH in Treviso.


Any future plans or projects?

Future plans: to devote myself to training, I will be delivering a training course, in Venice, on 23rd January 2015. The course will focus on how to find your own look (interpreting fashion with your own personality) and on how to communicate with image and style. On the 7th February I will be in Turin delivering a workshop focusing on how to strategically find the image more suited to your personal brand. Following dates will be scheduled in Milan and Bologna.
I’m passionate about explaining how clothing and style can help non-verbal communication and implement the definition of self-image, be used as a tool to get the desired effect and put across your point of view of personal brand and even business. I am also passionate about helping individuals to find their own distinctive and defined look through which they tell their own personality in order to have a consistent image and one of my future project is to write a book. I am also planning to continue writing my blog on my site, more and more people are signing up to my newsletter and this is a constant stimulus to always be active, informed and attentive to my audience.

foto_copertina rdm

What shops would you suggest in Venice?

Attombri: tailored made necklaces
Daniela Ghezzo: custom shoes
Muschieri: perfumes
The cabinet Coco: vintage
Venetian Dreams: jewellery with Venetian pearls
Arnoldo and Battois: handmade handbags
Altrove: Handmade, tailored made dresses

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