The Tiramisu exactly as the old-fashioned way, is in Treviso

by Alice Danesin

Your mouth swells up of a foamed, yellow and sweet cream. After that, a bitter smell of contrast of a porous biscuit soaked in the coffee: an explosion of made in Italy-, authentic tastes. It’s one of the most beloved desserts, most reknown and valued of Italy and all around the world.
Among populan myths, imitated recipes and authorship fights, this spoon-sweet is the most famous speciality of our city, Treviso.
Originally born as sbatudìn, a super fresh egg yalk cream whipped with sugar, was a typical use of the all Venetian families. Easy and very cheap, was the poor patisserie of that time, for children and old people, with revitalizing and energetic features. Mascarpone cheese, savoiardi biscuits are the other two ingredients that went finishing the typical recipe, according to the tradition of Treviso.
G. Maffioli wrote about the birth and the spread of it in “Vin Veneto” in 1981: “It’s recently born, more or less ten years ago, a dessert in the city of Treviso, the “Tirame su”, which had been proposed for the first time ever by the restaurant “Alle Beccherie” as super nutritious and refreshing food, it became immediately well-known[..]”
In the historical centre of Treviso, today opens the boutique of the Tiramisù, the Nascimben patisserie, located in piazzetta della Torre, among tradition and modernity, offers three different versions: the classic, the strong one with a rum soak and the vegan one.
So there’s something for everyone’s taste, from the lovers of the traditional one, to the most demanding palates and the tastes’ discoverers.
The atmosphere you breathe inside is the one of the French patisseries, informals and in the meanwhile fine-decorated, where you can taste handmade specialties of recipes passed on generation to generation.
It can be also the opportunity to restart the the local identification of the dessert, already begun a couple of years ago from the Veneto region, with the presentation of the brand STG.
At the moment, the only guarantee is the authentic goodness of this dessert, according to the traditional recipe, of its simplicity and genuineness of the ingredients, super fresh, exactly as the old-fashioned way.
Ingredients for the traditional Recipe
5 egg yalks
200 gr of sugar
500 gr of super fresh mascarpone cheese
30 savoiardi biscuits
2 cups of sugared coffee
bitter dried cocoa

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