Treviso, the city “picta”

Did you know that in Treviso there are more than 100 buildings with ” affreschi” ?
In the past Treviso was called the city “picta”, the city painted, the nickname was given because of the beautiful and numerous frescoes that decorated the facades of its buildings.
Strolling around the city centre you can still see many frescoes from the Gothic and Renaissance period.
The affreschi, frescoes, are simple drawings that resemble the texture of the bricks, to beautify the appearance of the natural materials, they also have painted tapestries, stylized flower sand human imagines which resemble statues of the Renaissance. The frescoes are narrative and tell a story of ancient times.
These buildings are listed and to preserve this artworks the council is planning to devise a new map taking into account all the different phases in history and listing more buildings. The Benetton Foundation is currently funding a comprehensive new study, carried out by young scholars, with the aim to save this important heritage to pass it down to future generations.

Which European city rather than Treviso can recounts better the entire development over the centuries of this particular  form of art?  The “affreschi”…

 Battistero Duomo

  Piazza Duomo   Piazza Duomo     Ca' da Noal -  Casa Robegan


Ca' da Noal -  Casa Robegan


Via Ferrarese (Pescheria)


Loggia dei Cavalieri


Loggia dei Cavalieri


Via Santa Margherita

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