”dove Sile e Cagnan s’accompagna”…. “Where the Sile and Cagnan go together” … With these words Dante Alighieri mentioned Treviso in Paradise:
the courses of these two rivers flow around the city and their waters, before channeling into each other, run side by side.
From the peaceful shores of the Riviera Garibaldi you see the two streams that have not yet been mixed: the Sile, quiet and elegant, and the Cagnan with a more turbulent flow.
Inside the walls surrounded by water, there are countless little treasures wrapped in a calm and a special charm.
The city once belonged to Venice which can be seen ; the Channel Buranelli was built for the fishermen of Burano who arrived here to sell the fish.
Nearby, walking past elegant palaces, you get to the Pescheria, the fish market and one of the most picturesque corners of the city.
Here you will find the gentle manners and the true hospitality of Italy, too often hidden in the hustle and bustle of mass tourism.
A glass of Prosecco at the table of a small cafe under the arcades, a dinner with Radicchio Rosso , an irresistible sweet slice of Tiramisu,
the sound of waterflowing from a mill … Venice can wait.