Visiting Venice, a unique city in the world, is the dream of many and it is not our intention to give all the detailed information that many other sites, most authoritative, can already provide. We just want to offer some ideas and let you see the city through our eyes, hoping to share the emotions that we experience ourselves. We think that a passenger who is headed to Venice could spend a day or more, depending on the available time, visiting Treviso, a charming medieval city certainly less known. Some of its food and wine as the Radicchio Rosso, the Tiramisù and Prosecco are famous all over the world. The Carnival of Venice is one of the highlights, along with the prestigious Biennale International Architecture Exhibition and the International Exhibition of ‘Film Festival, which opened to public Saturday, June 7th, directed by Rem Koolhaas. The new look aims to trace the development of architecture in the past 100 years to think about the future.