Visiting Venice in one day

gondolaIn a  Gondola

The Gondola is an essential experience to have and enjoy while in Venice.
It allows you to explore the famous city from the water. Being accompanied and lulled gently as well as quietly by the waves whilst you are experiencing your gondola ride is the best way to enjoy the beauties of Venice. You can contemplate the main facades of the buildings, sail under the bridges and imagine what life was like in the past moving with a boat.One of the most exquisite routes is from the railway station to Piazza San Marco.

venezia a piediOn foot

Of course you can visit the city on foot. In Venice, the time to see everything that deserves it always seems too short … however we suggest you to absolutely visit some places.
If you visit Venice for the first time: Piazza San Marco, the Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica, and Rialto Bridge. You can absorb the unique beauty of Venice with a boat trip along the Grand Canal,
you will be fascinated and will immediately think to come back very soon.Let’s start our itinerary from the train station of Saint Lucia.
In front of the station you will see a vaporetto stop (230 passenger boat) , going from Grand Canal to Piazza San Marco.
On your way you can take good pictures as you pass in front of more than 200 palaces, 15 churches and the famous Rialto Bridge.
Get off the vaporetto in St. Mark’s Square and enjoy one of the most characteristic views of Venice’s Basilica di San Marco, the Doge’s Palace, Campanile and Bridge of Sighs.
The Basilica of San Marco is the main church of the city, only for the richness of its history. Visit the Museo Marciano, to see from up close the famous bronze horses.
Take a relaxing break in one of the historic cafes that you can find on the square. If you feel like it, take the elevator up to the Campanile and you will enjoy an unforgettable view.
Continue your walk to the Mercerie, passing beneath the Clock Tower. The Mercerie are the three best known streets where you can make your purchases.
Ranging from Piazza San Marco to the Rialto Bridge, from the Rialto Bridge, head back to the train station where you can choose between two paths: by boat or continuing walking.
Following the streets and bridges would take about half an hour. Cross the Grand Canal taking the Scalzi Bridge and you’ll be in a short time in front of the station.

Many other attractions are famous in the whole world: the Gallerie dell ‘Accademia, the church of San Zaccaria, and the Fenice Theatre.